What do you want to happen on the road to retirement and after you retire?

Depending on the stage of your life, you may be saving for a house, putting money aside for your child’s education, saving for a rainy day, or planning for your retirement. There are plenty of reasons for making your financial situation a priority in your life. Whatever the reasons, we are here to help guide you. For some people all of these choices can be quite overwhelming.

To achieve your goals we have several types of products from only the most reputable companies. Whether it is mutual funds, segregated funds, guaranteed interest contracts (GICs), all of these products can be Registered or Non-Registered. We also offer Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSA) and Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) for your child’s education. In all cases, a risk profile questionnaire is completed to determine the type of product that is best suited to you needs. 

Where and when to invest ?!? Do you feel overwhelmed with the choices available to you? The financial world has evolved so much and as a result the complexity of making an investment decision has intensified. Complicating matters even further is having to consider aspects such as timing, economic trends, currencies, inflation, interest rates, taxation laws and more before making your selection. It's no wonder people feel overwhelmed when making their investment decisions. The role of a financial advisor is to de-mystify this world for you and to help you determine your investment strategy. The ultimate goal your advisor will be trying to accomplish with you can be defined as:"Maximizing after tax returns in concordance with the investor's risk tolerance level and his/her planned time horizon."

Let us help you design an implementable plan of action and give you access to the best solutions for your needs and objectives